Accurate record-keeping is essential to a successful business yet can also be complicated and time consuming. Precise Books can help you with the organization and day-to-day tasks of bookkeeping so that you can focus on your core business.

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Precise Books unique accounting system makes sure your business payroll is completed accurately and on time every pay period.  Whether you are doing a direct deposit, payroll cards, physical checks, or a mix of all three we have decades of experience handling payrolls in the professional manner you deserve.

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Truth in Numbers

Coming from a tax preparer background, bookkeepers are on the front lines with my business clients. After years of receiving bookkeeping that wasn't in line with the tax forms and the lack of knowledge of what is & isn't deductible, I decided to hire my own bookkeepers to train them with today's current tax laws. With them educating my tax clients, we reduce to possibilities of an audit through transparency in bookkeeping.

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